Demand for IT skills drives salary increases in Dallas

Dallas skylineDallas is facing a rise in IT professional salaries, and candidates with networking and storage skills are currently in high-demand. These findings from the annual Dice Tech Salary Survey, released on March 28, confirms the outlook is good for those with a flexible skill set.

Tech salaries rise in Dallas

According to Dice, between 2012 and 2016 tech salaries grew 10.4% in Dallas, the largest growth in Texas. This is more than twice the growth of Austin (4.8%) and Houston (-6.4%) over the same period.

Tech prospects are looking good in DFW, currently boasting the tenth highest growth in the country. While on average tech salaries in the U.S. showed no real change, Dallas fared much better with an increase of 2.1% over the past year.

Keeping up with change

Now more than ever, adaptability to change is a core skill sought by employers. According to Dice President Bob Melk, the skills required for technology roles were constantly evolving, and IT professionals need to ensure their abilities were adaptable to industry changes.

“Both tech professionals and employers must keep their fingers on the pulse of skills training and demand,” Mr. Melk said in the report. “The skills areas which garnered salary increases indicate where professionals and employers should focus their training and recruiting efforts.”

The Dice Survey found current demand is for candidates with storage and networking skills, vital for making the move from in-house to cloud-based storage and software systems. “When industries experience transformation at this level, it creates skills demand and increased salaries,” the Dice Survey reported.

In the CompTIA Network+ Certification course at CCI Training Center, not only can you gain vital certification, you also gain the skills to manage and protect critical information and systems.

The connection of everyday devices, the Internet of Things, is also creating major disruption in tech. As a focus on the Internet of Things increases, security will be an ever important concern.

CCI’s IT Security Fundamentals not only provides hands-on network security training, it also prepares students for the Microsoft Security Fundamentals Certification Exam 98-367. Improvement is important to Robert Porter who came to CCI Training Center to train for positions in network administration or data communications.

“I decided to attend college to become a more marketable professional by increasing my knowledge of networks and other skills,” Robert said. “Multiple co-workers recommended CCI to me, as they are former students, and I appreciate the flexibility it provides. The training and class hours are great and I’m able to conduct the reading and exercises at home on the weekends.”

Lifelong learning drives ideal candidates

IT positions require a desire to keep up with the latest technological advances, and educational opportunities are increasingly demanded and offered as work perks, according to the Dice Survey. “Some companies are willing to give employees cash to take classes; others bring the learning in-house, either by hiring instructors or purchasing courses from e-learning institutions,” the Survey said.

Being self-taught is also no longer enough: employers want to be sure of your practical abilities before hiring you for a tech role. The more skills, certifications, and qualifications the better, with specialized talent highly sought-after.

Further education for employees is a win-win. Employers ensure their company has vital skills necessary to keep up with advances in technology and this, in turn, provides a positive company culture where knowledge is valued. Individual employees can sharpen and build their skills providing a basis to further their career. Slava Timokhin chose CCI Training because he wanted to increase his knowledge and take advantage of better job opportunities.

“Studying at CCI Training Center allows me to still work in a full-time job. By studying an extra day during the week and I also get free time on weekends,” Slava said. “In a short period I have gained a lot of hands-on skills and new information from the knowledgeable and professional staff, that will help me succeed in my ideal careers in computer network administration and network design.”

Learning to learn

Learning to learn is a talent in itself, and undertaking education shows employers you are willing to do what it takes to improve their business and your skills.

Flexible courses such as those provided at CCI Training, enable you to continue existing employment or manage family responsibilities while furthering your career opportunities. Eric Parker wants to find a position as a Network Technician or Administrator, to improve the quality of life of his family.

“CCI Training Center offered the courses that I was interested in for the most affordable price,” Eric said. “I am able to study online at my convenience and receive great training for real world jobs in a short timeframe.”

To find out more about how CCI Training Center’s Computer & Network Administration program can provide you with the adaptable skills needed for a tech career, either visit the website or call our Dallas campus on 214-763-9889 or Arlington 817-592-9399.