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Business and Accounting

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or perhaps start a new career path, a foundation in business, office skills and accounting can help get you started. Skills in business and accounting practices are valuable assets and can help launch you to your next level. Your willingness to advance your education also confirms your commitment to a better future for you and to the success of your company.


Understanding the inner workings of your company will allow you to more effectively undertake your current job as well as prepare you for career advancement. Additionally, your marketable skills are transferable to virtually any business. Whether you find yourself in the sales department, accounting, business office, or retail management, or warehouse inventory control, your skills will make you confident among your business associates.


If you hope to make more valuable contributions at your current job, draw attention for a promotion, or intend to ask for a raise soon, having these skills and certifications under your belt and on your resume will be infinitely valuable to your bargaining position. People are always looking for ways to make sure that they have job security and having the knowledge to become a more invaluable part of the company will do that for you.


All businesses depend on employees with business and accounting skills for positions such as office manager, payroll specialist, executive assistant, HR specialist, procurement associate, accounting clerk, customer service manager, and operations manager, inventory control just to name a few. Your newfound knowledge along with your individual skills will certainly help you to obtain your perfect position.

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Why take classes in business and accounting? To put it simply, all roads lead to and through business and accounting. Every successful business, no matter the industry, needs people that are highly skilled in business and financial practices who will ensure a company is profitable by operating smoothly and efficiently.


CCI has been training adult students for over 33 years. Founded in 1984 CCI’s smaller classes offer you a more personal learning experience in a comfortable, supportive environment, and training is provided by professional, experienced experts in the industry. This online program is customized to provide direct instructor / student engagement to discuss topics and learn new software skills such as Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. This online program is managed with student in mind. Student can have virtual meeting with the instructor, collaborate with other students to complete their assignments, and conduct interviews with the local business managers to learn hands on skills and business operations.



Courses Include:

* Microsoft Office (Training for MS Word & Excel Certifications)

* Relevant are important to your employer as it reflect on the level of your knowledge and expertise. Additional studies may be required after the completion of the course to fully prepare for MOS certifications. But be assured that instructors are available to assist every step of the way.

* Business Communication

* This course will help you to recognize networking opportunities, communicate with those higher and lower on the corporate ladder than yourself, and spot marketable opportunities for not just your company but yourself.

* Basic Accounting

* Anyone wanting to succeed in any business position needs to have a basic level of accounting knowledge. It will help you understand things said in meetings and understand paperwork that you may come across.

* Business Practice I

* Business Practice II

* QuickBooks (Training for QuickBooks Certification)

* Many businesses use QuickBooks to keep track of their business expenditures and earnings. This course could greatly help you cut back on expenses if you are thinking of starting your own company.

* Payroll Administration

* If you are in self-employed, or work in a small or medium size office, this course will make you valuable. Your employer will be pleased to know that you also know the basics in payroll administration. This is a vital skill to have.

* Practicum (Students will start and operate a simulated business)

* This real-world scenario will help you to see your strengths and understand areas you need to work on to better succeed in the business world.

* Career Development

* This program will not only give you the knowledge to work in the business world, but will also provide resume writing, interview techniques, and online job hunting.

Skills developed in program

These are the things that you will leave our program with. You’ll have better job prospects, as well as just being more valuable at your current position in the business industry.


* Business Basics

* Laying the foundation for what all successful businesses have in common.

* Business Functions/Components

* Understanding what the HR department is, what marketing does, etc.

* Business Ethics

* Ethics is a complicated field of study, but most industries have their own code of ethics, and you need to have an understanding of what kind of ethics you’ll run into and be expected to have in working for or running a business.

* Understanding financial documents

* Knowing what a P&L statement is, or what a cash flow statement account is

* Practice Customer Service

* How to speak with customers and clients, how to deescalate a situation where a customer is upset, etc.

* Workplace Skills- Communicating with your coworkers, communicating with those who are in charge, communicating with those you oversee.

* Branch Management, Retail Management, Department Management.

* The different kinds of managerial skills you will need if you are in a manager role

* Building Skills For Business Success- Skills you have or need to learn to be successful in different types of businesses such as business operations. There are daily operations that must happen in any business to keep it running

* Business Accounting- Accounting for your home is not the same as accounting for a business and you will need to know the different aspects of business accounting

* Business Management- How to manage not just people, but the business itself

* Business Finance- Terms you will need to know, but also how to make financing work for your business

The Time Commitment for Business and Accounting

The online Business Accounting program at CCI Training Center is specifically designed to allow students with young children and/or other responsibilities the opportunity to get the career training they to pursue a successful business career— even as they’re coordinating childcare, work, and other obligations. The program length is 28 weeks.


CCI Training Center offers courses year-round. You’ll never have to wait long for the next one to start, and our offerings don’t change with the seasons. We believe in offering educational opportunities that will not only better your life but be as easily accessible as possible.


CCI Training Center is much more affordable than a four-year university degree, but we know some people still might need financial assistance. Financial aid is available for those who qualify: