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Whether you’re looking to advance your career, start a new career path, or become more profitable in your current business, a foundation in business, office management, and accounting can help get you started. Gaining applicable skills through a business and accounting program will help launch your career to the next level.

These marketable skills are transferable to virtually any business, as employees with business and accounting expertise are needed company-wide. You can use your training to find success in number of roles, such as:

    • Office manager
    • Retail manager
    • Sales leader
    • Payroll specialist
    • Executive assistant
    • HR specialist
    • Procurement associate
    • Accounting clerk
    • Customer service manager
    • Operations manager
    • Warehouse inventory control clerk

" "Understanding basic business principles will make you more effective in your current job, prepare you for career advancement, help you make more valuable contributions at your current job, and provide job security.


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CCI Training Center Provides the Best Online Program for Small Business Accounting

Why take classes in business and accounting at CCI?

Founded in 1984, CCI has provided vocational training to adult students for over 36 years. CCI’s smaller classes offer you a more personal learning experience in a comfortable, supportive environment; and training is provided by professional, experienced industry experts.

The online business accounting program is customized to provide direct instructor/student engagement. Managed with the student in mind, virtual meeting spaces allow instructors to provide live lectures and personalized guidance. These online instructor-led classes also allow for rich collaboration and engagement amongst students and professors, alike. The school also calls on local business managers to engage students in hands-on learning in business operations.

The unique nature of this online program ensures that students meet regular minimum requirements and progress each week. (Additional tutoring available)


An In-Depth Look at CCI’s Business and Accounting Program

Every successful company, no matter the industry, needs people that are highly skilled in business and financial practices. Profitability depends on efficient business operations that are run by trusted, experienced employees. CCI’s accounting training program offers classes in:

Microsoft Office

Training in MS Word and Excel to expand your skillset. Note: Additional studies may be required after the completion of the course to fully prepare for Microsoft Office certifications. Instructors are available to provide assistance.

Business Communication

Helps you to recognize networking opportunities, communicate with all levels of the organization, and spot marketable opportunities for not just your company but yourself.

Basic Accounting

Learn the basic principles of accounting and the equations for assets and liabilities, recording transactions in a general journal, and setting up files to prepare financial statements, et al. Students will complete a practice exercise for a proprietorship.

Business Practice I

Focuses on best practices in a professional business office. Topics in this course include analyzing a business’ value advantage, daily bookkeeping functions and journal entries, business ethics, social responsibility, and customer service.

Business Practice II

Learn additional elements paramount in the successful operation of a business office. Topics of discussion include developing a business plan, assets and liabilities, customer service/customer expectation, business operations, business capital, critical labor force, stages of production in product and service delivery, forecasting, and inventory control.


Many businesses use QuickBooks to keep track of their business expenditures and earnings. This course provides training for QuickBooks Certification.

Payroll Administration

Understanding the basics of payroll administration is vital to the operation of any self-employed or small to medium-sized office. Learn how to manage personnel records, compute wages, and study applicable payroll and labor laws and regulations.


Students will start and operate a simulated business. This real-world scenario helps develop a deeper understanding of how business decisions are made and the outcomes that follow.

Career Development

This program will not only give you the knowledge to work in the business world, but will also provide guidance in resume writing, interview techniques, and online job hunting.

Skills developed in the Business and Accounting Program

Upon completion of our business and accounting program, you will find that your job prospects have improved and you’ve gained confidence in the additional value you bring to your current position. You will have developed practical skills in:

  • Business Basics
  • Business Functions/Components
  • Ethics in Business
  • Financial Document Preparation
  • Customer Service
  • Workplace Communications
  • Branch, Retail, and Department Management
  • Principles for Business Success
  • Accounting
  • Business Operations Management
  • Business Finance

The Time Commitment for Business and Accounting

CCI Training Center’s online program is specifically designed to allow students with young children and/or other responsibilities the opportunity to get the training they need to pursue a successful business career. This 28-week program allows you to pursue your career goals, even while coordinating childcare, work, and other obligations. And the virtual, live instructor-led format means that you can remain connected to your class, receive valuable lectures and guidance while maintaining that flexibility.
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Business and accounting training courses at CCI are offered year-round, providing you the easiest way to further your education. You’ll never have to wait long for the next session to start, and our offerings don’t change with the seasons. Plus, our programs are much more affordable than a four-year university degree. Even so, financial aid is available for those who qualify, including:

Job Prospects for Business and Accounting Training Course Graduates

business professionals

Successful completion of the business accounting program at CCI broadens your opportunities for personal and professional growth. Professionals with a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in business can choose to be their own boss or enter the corporate world. After you’ve completed business training you can feel confident pursuing many new areas of opportunity, including:

CCI’s business and accounting training program is designed for both individuals seeking a new entry-level career path or those who want career enhancement. It is never too late to make a career change that will improve your way of life; nor is it too early to receive the training you need to grow your expertise in running a business.

Expanding Dallas-Fort Worth Job Opportunities

The Dallas/Fort Worth area has seen rapid growth in companies relocating to Texas. A great pool of skilled talent, fewer regulations, and lower tax rates and housing costs make it easier for businesses to operate in the state. Texas has the ninth largest economy in the world and Dallas was recently ranked second among CompTIA’s top 20 Tech Towns in the country.

Why not take advantage of these trends that make DFW an excellent place to work and improve your marketability with updated training for jobs in business and accounting?

Why Choose CCI for Business and Accounting Training

Unlike a four-year degree, CCI Training Center streamlines your path to a new career by only providing the courses that will directly help you in your career. You will be well on your way to success in business faster than you might expect and with the resources you need for continued growth.

Our instructors are all experienced business people equipped with first-hand knowledge to help you understand the business and accounting course material. They are also deeply passionate about guiding students to success.

And when it’s time to graduate, CCI helps you analyze your skills and suitability for different areas of business, providing guidance for where you should focus your job application efforts.

Post-graduation job support is another area that CCI Training Center shines. We provide resume-building assistance, interview prep, and career development training with an emphasis on communication and time management. Our dedication extends well beyond preparing you for certification exams or classroom teaching. We want to make sure everyone who passes through the CCI Training Center doors is more successful when they leave than when they entered.

Business and accounting courses don’t just train you for success in business, they help you build relationships. Your network of contacts is one of your most valuable tools in whatever industry you choose. CCI Training Center is where you start to build your network of future clients and business partners.

Still on the fence? Our admissions staff is available to answer any questions you may have about CCI’s Business and Accounting training courses. Don’t put off your dream of being your own boss or climbing that corporate ladder any longer. Call us or fill out a form here for more information.

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Start Your New Career in Business and Accounting at Dallas & Arlington, Texas

Start Your New Business and Accounting Career

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Business Accounting Training CoursesDallas & Arlington TX

Business AccountingBusinesses rely on qualified team members with accounting skills to efficiently manage their business. This is a business accounting and office skills program for individuals interested to work in an office environment or a facility that requires knowledge of financial bookkeeping or accounting skills. Candidates with prior business experience will find this program instrumental in achieving their goal or a promotion in their current field or other fields that require understanding of accounting and financial statements. The program provides a platform for a steady business-based career.

Hands-on Business Accounting Workshops

Student will learn:

  • Quickbooks
  • Peachtree
  • Payroll Administration
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Cooperation and Partnership

Bookkeeping Jobs and Accounting Careers

Career’s you can enter:

  • Accounts Payable / Receivable
  • Financial Reporting
  • Payroll Assistant
  • Inventory Control
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Business Office
  • Office Positions
  • Retail Management
  • Cash Management

Here is what CCI Training Center’s graduates say:

I thank you CCI Training Center for allowing me to increase my business knowledge. Thank you to the staff for their availability, and always being there to listen to us and finding creative solutions. Thank you for being there for me. Lydie Makengo – Business Accounting Graduate

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