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Complete your business and accounting online training in as little as 28 weeks. Live instructor-led classes are available year-round.

Are you stuck in a job with little or no possibility of advancement?
Are you a high school graduate interested in a career in a business environment?
Are you currently working in business and want to advance your career?
Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur who would benefit from understanding business principles that help you manage your business more efficiently and profitably?
Are you looking to get away from a dead-end job with little or no possibility of advancement?
Do you seek an office position with good hours and competitive pay?


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If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, CCI Training Center’s business and accounting program can help take your job prospects and career to the next level. 

Business and Financial Skills are Highly Marketable

The skills and knowledge taught in our business and accounting program apply to virtually any business and industry. The business and financial skills training you receive can help you find success in several roles, including: 

If you are already working in business, developing a greater understanding of basic business principles will make you more effective in your current position and prepare you for career advancement. 

Job Prospects for Business & Accounting Program Graduates

list of jobs you can get with business skills training

Successful completion of the business and accounting program at CCI broadens your opportunities for personal and professional growth. With an understanding of what it takes to be successful in business you can:  

  • learn the skills to start your own business, or how to run your current business more efficiently and profitably 
  • achieve advancement in your current career 
  • find meaningful work in an office or business environment 
  • develop marketable skills that nearly every company needs 

Many of our students have been working in a job with little or no opportunity for advancement or are in a job with hours and pay that no longer suits their lifestyle and/or career goals. By gaining an understanding of business skills and principles, they have more control of their career path and trajectory. 

For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the business and accounting program, check out the FAQ page!

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After you have completed the program, you can feel confident pursuing many new areas of opportunity, including:

No college degree is required to enroll; all you need is a high school diploma or equivalent. 

CCI’s business and accounting training program is designed for individuals seeking a new entry-level career path or those who want career enhancement. It is never too late to make a career change that will improve your way of life; nor is it too early to receive the training you need to gain expertise in how to start your own business. 

Expanding Dallas-Fort Worth Job Opportunities

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has seen rapid growth in companies relocating to Texas. A great pool of skilled talent, fewer regulations, and lower tax rates and housing costs make it easier for businesses to operate in the state.  

Why not take advantage of these trends that make DFW an excellent place to work and improve your marketability with business and financial skills training that can open a myriad of doors for your career?  

Why Use CCI for Business and Accounting Training?

CCI’s business and accounting program is 100% online and is designed to provide direct instructor/student engagementManaged with the student in mind, virtual meeting spaces allow instructors to provide live lectures and personalized guidance.  

business and accounting training courses online

Our online instructor-led classes allow for rich collaboration and engagement amongst students and instructors.

CCI also calls on local business professionals to engage students in hands-on learning in business operations. 

The unique nature of this online program ensures that students meet regular minimum requirements and progress each week. (Additional tutoring is also available.) 

Flexible Schedules that Fit Your Busy Life

CCI Training Center’s online program is specifically designed to allow students with children and/or other responsibilities the opportunity to get the training they need to pursue a successful business career.  

The Business and Accounting program can be completed in as little as 28 weeks and allows you to pursue your career goals, even while coordinating childcare, work, and other obligations. The virtual, live instructor-led format means that you can remain connected to your class and your instructors while maintaining flexibility. 

These business-related skills training classes are offered year-round, providing you with the ability to further your education anytime. You will never have to wait long for the next session to start, and our course offerings do not change.  

Financial Aid is Available

Plus, our programs are much more affordable than a four-year university degree. Even so, financial aid is available for those who qualify, including:

An In-Depth Look at What You Learn in the Business and Accounting Program

Every successful company, no matter what industry, needs people who understand basic business and financial skills. Profitability depends on trusted employees with knowledge about – and commitment to – efficient business operations. CCI’s business and accounting program offer classes in: 

  • Business Practice II 
  • QuickBooks 
  • Payroll Administration 
  • Practicum 
  • Career Development 

Upon completion of the program, you will find that your job prospects have improved, and you have gained confidence in the added value you bring to your current position. You will have developed practical skills in: 

  • Business Basics 
  • Business Functions/Components 
  • Ethics in Business 
  • Financial Document Preparation 
  • Customer Service 
  • Workplace Communications 
  • Branch, Retail, and Department Management 
  • Principles for Business Success 
  • Accounting 
  • Business Operations Management 
  • Business Finance 

Financial Skills Developed in the Program

Person working in accounting or payroll after learning business skills training online

Companies rely on qualified team members with accounting and financial skills to help efficiently and effectively manage their business. This program helps prepare students to work in an office environment or facility that needs knowledge of basic financial bookkeeping or accounting skills.  

Candidates with prior business experience will find this program instrumental in achieving their goal of a promotion in their current field or other fields that require understanding of accounting and financial statements.  

Finance and Accounting Workshops

Students will learn: 

  • QuickBooks 
  • Peachtree 
  • Payroll Administration
  • Corporate Accounting 

Bookkeeping Jobs and Accounting Careers

Other financial and/or accounting careers these courses prepare you for include: 

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable 
  • Financial Reporting 
  • Payroll Assistant 
  • Inventory Control 
  • Accounting Clerk 
  • Business Office 
  • Office Positions 
  • Retail Management 
  • Cash Management 

CCI Training Center’s Career Services and Post-Graduation Support

Unlike a four-year degree, CCI Training Center streamlines your path to a new business or office career by only providing the courses which will directly help you in your career.  

Our instructors are all experienced businesspeople equipped with first-hand knowledge to help you understand course material. They are also deeply passionate about guiding students to success. 

graduate from business and accounting training program

And when it is time to graduate, CCI’s Career Services helps you analyze your skills and suitability for different areas of business, providing guidance for where you should focus your job application efforts. 

Post-graduation job support is another area where CCI Training Center shines. We provide resume-building assistance, interview prep, and career development training with an emphasis on communication and time management.  

Our dedication extends well beyond preparing you for certification exams or classroom teaching. We want to make sure everyone who graduates is more successful when they leave than when they enter. 

sticky note that says start new job in business and accounting

CCI’s business skills training courses do nosimply prepare you for success in business, they help you build relationships. Your network of contacts is one of your most valuable tools in whatever industry you choose. CCI Training Center is where you start to build your network of future clients and business partners. 

What Our Graduates Say:

“I thank you CCI Training Center for allowing me to increase my business knowledge. Thank you to the staff for their availability, and always being there to listen to us and find creative solutions. Thank you for being there for me.” 

~ Lydie M., Business Accounting Graduate 

Don’t put off your dream of success in business – in whatever form that takes for you. Contact us today and start on your new, exciting career path!

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