"I approached CCI Training Center because I was looking for a different avenue in life. CCI helped me by teaching me exactly what I needed to succeed in my field, without a bunch unnecessary courses. In the end, I walked away a Registered Pharmacy Tech, got a job in the same field and it didn't take long! I found the experience smooth and the teachers all have their own style. I would recommend CCI Training Center to anyone trying to get a change of scenery or a kick start to a long lasting career."

DeArcy Scott – Pharmacy Tech Graduate

"My research of possible schools led me to CCI training Center… great location and it has a low student/teacher ratio. The classes are challenging, but I think the instructors go out of their way to help you accomplish your goals. I really believe that going back to school to prepare for a career change and the school I chose to help me do so, were the best choices I could have made."

Lisa Mosley - Computer & Network Administration Graduate

I selected CCI as my choice to go to school because of the small intimate setting, the classroom participation and one on one training…. also because not only do you get the certification, but also CPR & Phlebotomy training. I enjoyed meeting the admissions, the information about the school and their personal attention that they provided. CCI was great fit for me."

De’Cean Jones – Pharmacy Tech Graduate

"I enjoyed my time at CCI. The program is very developed and gave me the knowledge to get my certificate right away. I was able to go to work for one of the most successful billing companies in America. The support of my teachers and placement was outstanding. They worked with me through the entire process."

Iveta Mirkova – Medical Billing & Coding Graduate

"Monday I went up to the school to see if the Pharmacy Tech was something I would like. Tuesday I was filling out the rest of my paper work, and Wednesday I was in my first class Medical Terminology. I learned so much going to school at CCI Training Center. Even when I want to crawl up under my desk and cry when I started Calculation my teacher kept me calm and I came out with an A. I'm just so grateful I went to a school that really cares about the students and makes sure that all the hard work they put into the class rooms don't go to waste. Before I left CCI Training Center they made sure I had a job in the field I trained in"

Audreisha Carter - Pharmacy Tech Graduate

"Throughout the program the instructors were constantly mentioning some of the best companies to work for in my field. ..After I completed my classes I began faithfully applying daily to jobs… [After my second interview] the recruiter at the staffing company told me that the interviewer loved me and her mind was made up that she wanted to bring me on board. The recruiter said that the VP called him as soon as I left her office to tell him how impressed she was with me and was excited to bring me on board…. So here I was with my job offer and I was excited. I am excited for my future with this company.

Crystal Gurley – IT Graduate