Pharmaceutical Compounding

Pharmaceutical Compounding Certification

Locations in Arlington & Dallas Texas

CCI’s Compounding Certification course complements the certified pharmacy technician, by providing training in compounding techniques that can take the technician’s career to the next level. With a certification in compounding, the importance of your role in the pharmacy will become enhanced with additional, more heightened responsibilities which may include: compounding prescriptions that meet specific needs of patients; typing/processing prescriptions; and necessary cleaning and maintenance of compounding lab. This course is also appropriate for other healthcare individuals, aside from pharmacy technicians, who wish to be certified in compounding.

Your verbal and written communication skills, math skills, time management and organizational skills will be essential in this compounding role, as well as your ability to function as part of a team. You will also need to have an understanding of medical terminology and calculations and an acute attention to detail.

CCI’s Compounding Certification program will prepare you to gain your certification by teaching you:

  • Extemporaneous and non-sterile pharmaceutical compounding
  • Necessary equipment, supplies, quality assurance and record keeping associated with compounding in a pharmacy
  • Hands-on training in the use of capsules, creams, medicated lollipops, solutions, coloring/flavoring and PLO gels.

This certification seminar is taught by certified, knowledgeable instructors and is included in CCI’s Pharmacy Technician Program. It can be completed in only two-and-a-half weeks. Day and night classes are available.