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Health Information Specialist Program (Medical Billing & Coding)

Do you feel a calling to enter the healthcare industry, but you’re unsure of the level of patient interaction you’d like to have? Blood and needles might not be your thing, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to help people. The healthcare industry is a huge machine that takes a wide variety of skills and specialties from the workers employed within it.

Doctors, nurses, and other patient caregivers require a large group of people to keep records updated, bill insurance, schedule appointments, ensure HIPAA compliance, and order supplies, in addition to the many other tasks that keep medical offices, hospitals, outpatient centers, nursing home facilities, and other medical settings serving the patients the best they possibly can.

In Texas, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there are more than 17,000 Health information Specialist positions. This number is on track to increase within the next few years, in large part because of the influx of patients created by the baby boomers, not to mention the lengthening of the average person’s lifespan, thanks to modern medicine.

If you feel that a career change is in your future and you’re seeking a new field with increased job security, the healthcare industry could be the right place for you.

Why CCI Training Center Is The Place To Start

CCI Training Center offers our students the opportunity to change the course of their lives. A traditional four-year university is not for everyone. Not pursuing a four-year degree does not preclude you from embarking on a lucrative career.  

 You don’t have to spend years of your life and incur thousands upon thousands of dollars of student debt to have a long, successful, and secure career in the healthcare industry. High school graduates who are not sure they want to go to a university can quickly get to a place where they can support themselves by enrolling at CCI Training Center. Most of our students finish their coursework in six to eight months. 

 CCI Training Center offers classes year-round. We are careful to accommodate students with work and family commitments; It’s important that our adult students know it is never too late to change to a more fulfilling career that will better support their family. At CCI Training Center, we strive to make education completely inclusive and available to anyone. 

 The instructors for CCI Training Center Health Information Specialist have all worked in the healthcare industry. You will benefit from their real-world experience in the profession you’re training to join. These instructors will guide you through the information you need to pass the Health Information Specialists Certification Exams as well as prepare you to embark on the post-exam interview process.  

 Your classmates will be the beginning of your professional network; many of our students return to obtain additional certifications to be eligible for promotions to higher paying positions. Networking is an important part of any career. You will learn from your fellow students as well as from your instructors. Many people end up learning about job openings because of the people with whom they are networking at CCI Training Center.  

 The staff at CCI Training Center is to assist you to get started on your journey to becoming a Health Information Specialist. Fill out a form or call the admissions offices today for more information.  



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