Networking Fundamentals

Prepare to Take the Microsoft 98-366-MTA: Networking Fundamentals Exam in Under 2 Weeks!

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Designing a computer networkMuch like the social networking people do with other like-minded people, where they exchange ideas and information, the term “computer networking” is based on the same premise. Much like it sounds, a computer network is a series of computers linked together by either cable or wireless media that allows them to exchange data or share resources.

Types of Computer Networks

Computer networking is utilized in a wide variety of industries, including insurance; hospitals; education; manufacturing; professional or technical
services; and more. There are essentially three types of computer networks:

  1. Local Area Networks (LAN): Serve a smaller number of people and usually located within a small geographical area.
  2. Wide Area Networks (WAN): Connected across a wide geographical area.
  3. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN): Created without the use of wires; data is transferred over radio transceivers.

Networking Opportunities

CCI’s Networking Fundamentals course can prepare you to work as a network administrator or computer support technician. As a network administrator, you will have the awesome responsibility for the day-to-day operation of computer networks, including coordinating, installing, repairing and supporting your company’s computer systems, while always looking to improve their performance. Keeping these systems running smoothly is your top priority.

You possess analytical and critical thinking skills that help you to solve problems logically and your interpersonal skills (and patience) will help you maneuver your way through the myriad of diverse people you will encounter. Your inherent passion for all thing computers will move you to stay up-to-date with this ever-changing industry.

As a computer support technician, you will usually help the non-computer-savvy person with computer problems and regular maintenance, including loading or updating software, computer installations, network delays or shutdowns and a wide number of other issues.

CCI’s Network Fundamentals Course

This course will prepare you to take the Microsoft 98-366-MTA: Networking Fundamentals test which can start you on your way to a career in computer networking, and this course can be completed in less than two weeks!

CCI offers small classes for a more individualized experience, in a comfortable learning environment. Training is provided by professional, experienced experts in the IT industry.

CCI offers flexible learning, with online and on-campus classes to help fit learning into your busy lifestyle. This course is included in the Computer & Network Administrator program.