LPI Linux Essentials Professional Development (PDC)

Campuses in Dallas and Arlington, TX

Linux pinguinTen years ago, no one would have expected that the Linux operating system would have grown in popularity to where it is today. Since Linux is an open-source operating system offering more user flexibility, a worldwide community of developers, better security than Windows and many other benefits, it’s growth is expected to continue and even surpass Windows in the future.

In order to receive the Linux Essentials certificate*, you must:

  • Have an understanding of the Linux and open source industry and knowledge of the most popular open source applications
  • Understand the major components of the Linux operating system, and have the technical proficiency to work on the Linux command line
  • Have a basic understanding of security and administration related topics such as user/group management, working on the command line and permissions

CCI training Center offers a Linux Essentials Certification course which includes the comprehensive training you will need to prepare to gain your Linux certification and get you on the road to your new career. The course is specially designed to teach you how to understand, create, edit and manage open source and various distributions of Linux.
Lessons for the Linux Essentials program are taught by certified, experienced Linux instructors and include:

  • Selecting an operating system
  • Managing network connections
  • Investigating Linux’s principles and philosophy
  • Navigating the Linux files system
  • Understanding software licensing
  • Setting ownership and permissions
  • Using common Linux programs
  • Creating users and groups
  • Managing hardware
  • Understanding users and groups
  • Getting to know the command line
  • Creating scripts
  • Managing files
  • Editing files
  • Using programs and processes
  • Getting help
  • Searching, extracting and archiving data

CCI Training Center offers flexible learning options, including classes on-campus (Dallas and Arlington) and online, and smaller class sizes for more individualized attention in a comfortable learning environment. Please call or email CCI for more information:

Dallas Campus – (214) 763-9889 | Arlington Campus – (817) 592-9399