Digital security

IT Security Fundamentals

Training for the Microsoft Security Fundamentals
Exam (MTA 98-367)

Information technology is woven into all of our lives. It touches virtually everything we do, whether at home or work. We know how frustrating it can be when our internet service is down, even for a very short time; work is interrupted until it comes back and everything remains at a standstill, (even though our hands remain hovered over our keyboards). Now, imagine that instead of an internet blip, a company’s IT network is compromised and rendered inoperable, either by a security breach or physical disaster like a fire or storm flooding. Without proper IT security safeguards in place, it could be days, weeks or months before the company might be up and running again. The company would not only suffer the financial burden of replacing expensive equipment, but could also suffer significant losses of classified company data, employee records, customer information, loss of proprietary software and more, resulting in potential financial disaster. Also, a company’s reputation may not recover if its network systems are compromised; it’s difficult for customers to trust a company when they believe their company data or personal information is not safe.

A very important piece of IT technology today is security. IT managers need to know not only how to design and operate company networks systems, they must know how to protect these assets as well. As an IT security professional, you are the frontline defense, the company line in the sand, and you’re mantra is, “Not on my watch.”

Included in CCI Training Center’s Computer & Network Administrator program Security Fundamentals is a comprehensive course that will prepare you for the Microsoft Security Fundamentals Certification Exam 98-367. (This exam is designed to test your knowledge of fundamental security concepts.)

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Since 1984, CCI Training Center has provided cutting-edge, comprehensive technology training. CCI offers small classes, for a more individualized experience in a comfortable learning environment. Training is provided by professional, experienced experts in the IT industry, and with CCI’s 2&2 flexible schedule, this course can be completed in under two weeks!

CCI offers flexible classes, both online and on campus (Arlington and Dallas locations), to help meet the demanding schedules of today’s students.