Cloud Technology

3 Week Training Course for the CompTIA Cloud Essentials CLO-001 Exam

Types of cloud servicesCloud Computing, also known as on-demand computing, or more simply—internet computing—has been on the rise and only expected to increase. More and more companies today rely on cloud computing to store and access data and programs via the internet, rather than have to deal with complicated and expensive onsite networks and servers. Companies who move their information to the cloud essentially give all the responsibilities that go along with it to a service provider and instead access their data via the internet or network connection, allowing them to focus on other aspects their businesses. Individuals also rely on the cloud for everything from email, to banking, to web-hosting, to playing online games; cloud computing really touches just about every business and every person in some way.

CCI Training Center’s Cloud Technology course will prepare you to take the CompTIA Cloud Essentials CLO-001 Exam. This course is crucial for people who need a comprehensive overview of cloud computing, such as those who are involved in the management of company infrastructure, those who need to better understand their company’s cloud computing strategy, those who work in IT and require an across-the-board knowledge of cloud computing, or those who want to begin a career in cloud computing.

Acquiring this certification is your first step in becoming a cloud-computing authority. Should you consider continuing your education and experience in this field, many advanced opportunities are available such as cloud architect, cloud software engineer, cloud sales executive, cloud services developer, cloud systems administrator, cloud consultant, cloud systems engineer, cloud product manager and more.

CCI offers flexible learning, with online and on campus classes, to help meet the demanding schedules of students. This course is included in our Computer & Network Administrator program.