Sterile Product Certification

Sterile Products Certification

One of the great things about CCI Training Center is the way we prepare you for additional certifications. When we train you to become a Pharmacy Technician we also prepare for additional healthcare certifications, such as Sterile Product Certification, sometimes called IV Certification. This certification will help you greatly when applying for jobs in healthcare.

Our sterile products training will teach you a range of aseptic techniques that are essential for any healthcare employee administering injections, taking blood samples, or hooking up/removing intravenous (IV) drips. It is just as important for anyone who will handle the equipment used for these procedures or prepare medicines to be administered intravenously. If germs or foreign materials are accidentally introduced into a patient’s body the results can be disastrous, up to and including serious illness or death. This is why comprehensive training and certification is so important.

Training for your IV certification will involve theoretical learning, such as:

Introduction to sterile products

  • Aseptic calculations
  • Properties of sterile products
  • Aseptic techniques
  • Sterile product preparations
  • Sterile products in chemotherapy
  • Quality control and assurance

The team at CCI can have you ready to attain your Sterile Products Certification in just two and a half weeks. We will provide in-depth training in the knowledge and skills needed to sit your certification exam with the National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA).

With this certification you’ll be able to confidently and safely provide a broader range of services to patients. You’ll also be equipped to carry out tasks for your employer that pharmacy technicians without this certification cannot.