Audreisha Carter Pharmacy Tech Graduate

Audriesha_Carter_PTLPI had just moved back home after being fired from Target. At this point I was trying to find a job so I could stay in my apartment in Denton TX. Unfortunately I was unable to stay and lost my apartment. I knew I wanted to go to school to do something with my life. My mother told me to look up CCI Training Center because she had taken Medical Billing and Coding there. Scrolling down the CCI Training Center website the first thing that stuck out was Pharmacy Tech program. So that Monday I went up to the school to see if the Pharmacy Tech was something I would like. Tuesday I was filling out the rest of my paper work, and Wednesday I was in my first class Medical Terminology. I learned so much going to school at CCI Training Center. Even when I want to crawl up under my desk and cry when I started Calculation my teacher kept me calm and I came out with an A. I’m just so grateful I went to a school that really cares about the students and makes sure that all the hard work they put into the class rooms don’t go to waste. Before I left CCI Training Center they made sure I had a job in the field I trained in. I am now a Certified Pharmacy Technician working at Mail Order Pharmacy in Coppell using everything I learned in school. Thanks to CCI Training Center.

Audreisha Carter CPhT – Arlington Graduate