Aseptic techniques

Hands on Sterile Product Certification Course

Dallas & Arlington Locations

The Sterile Product Certification course is appropriate for pharmacy technicians, as well as other individuals who work in the healthcare field who need to learn the importance of sterile products procedures, facilities and equipment required to ensure sterility of the parenteral administration route, as well as the aseptic technique.

The primary goal of the aseptic technique is to stop harmful germs from spreading and causing infection. Aseptic techniques are commonly used in administering an injection, inserting and removing a peripheral IV and many other medical procedures where the elimination of germs is critical. This is why you need the best instructors and curriculum to prepare you for gaining your sterile products certification.

CCI’s Sterile Product Certification Program will prepare you to gain your certification by teaching you:

  • The importance of sterile products
  • Ensuring sterility of the parenteral route
  • Importance of aseptic technique
  • Calculating and manipulating supplies, such as needles, fillers and syringes.

This certification seminar is included in CCI’s Pharmacy Technician Program and can be completed in only two-and-a-half weeks. Day & Night classes are available. In no time at all, you will be ready to gain your sterile product certification.