Careers in IT are some of the fastest growing careers in the country, this includes careers in IT Security.

In order to achieve your goal of working in IT Security you need to have knowledge and certifications. At CCI we can help you, gain both knowledge and certification. The final courses in this track provide job training related to ethical hacking and cloud technologies.

The school offer flexible schedule. Due to COVID-19 all classes are held online. Both day and evening schedules are available. In addition, we encourage learning in teams with other students under the supervision of your instructor. This helps you to get the most out of your learning. This track includes courses in:



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Computer Networking

Networking, in the realm of technology, is when two or more devices are linked to share data. This sharing of data is achieved through computer software and hardware.

Operating System Fundamentals

This course can be completed within a week. This course is just the start though, you can go on to choose a career in IT.

Active Directory and Client OS

Active Directory has evolved through time to become a broad title for a vast range of directory-based services. Active directory services are used as support for locating as well as working with users, computers, and printers in a secured and structured system.

Career Development

Our career development course helps you to be job ready once you have completed your courses and achieved your certifications. Topics that are covered in this course include:

  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Finding jobs within your skill set


The practicum course is designed to help students obtain additional practical experience of the program in a supervised setting.

Linux Essentials

Linux Essentials

Our Linux course helps students to learn and understand topics such as:

  • Linux operating system
  • Technical proficiency to work on the Linux command line
  • Linux security and administration

This learning will be done through practicing setting up users and groups, setting permissions and configuring a network connection. This helps the students to understand Linux and the open-source operating system philosophy.

This course can be completed in two weeks. From there you can move on to other courses and then go on to your dream job in IT. Employment positions for this course include:

  • Linux system support
  • Linux administration support
Cloud Essentials

Cloud Essentials

The cloud essentials course provides basic understanding of the fundamentals in cloud computing. Once certified, career track positions such as the items listed below may be within your reach:

  • IT infrastructure support
  • Helpdesk support technician
  • Network technician

IT Security Fundamentals

This course will help students gain the knowledge and skills needed to start supporting network security in an organization. Those that complete the course will be able to:

  • Identify security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Help respond to as well as recover from security incidents.

This is a one-week course that propels you further into the world of IT.


This IT security training module is designed build a solid foundation in computer security and network security. The topics map to the certification exam, Security+, administered by the CompTIA organization.

Certified Ethical Hacking

Certified Ethical Hacking

Our certified ethical hacking course will prepare the student with the right tools, technology, and information to legally hack into an organization. CCI provides the Ethical Hacking course and career training in Dallas and Arlington, Texas.

This course is for applicants that are familiar with IT security topics. This includes topics such as system security, system administrators, auditors, as well as other professions involved in IT security and network integrity infrastructures

Students who pass the foundation courses qualify to register for this course. This workshop-style course teaches:

  • Stealthy access and egress,
  • Testing and penetration methods,
  • Passive data traffic monitoring and identification,
  • Trojan access,
  • Wireless vulnerabilities,
  • Running shellcode (disk versus RAM),
  • Exploiting remote root weaknesses,
  • Spoofing methodologies,
  • Privilege hacking techniques,
  • Anti-forensic activities
  • Removing evidence,
  • Hacking cloud-based applications,
  • Hiding triggers in image files,
  • Defensive techniques,
  • Exploiting software and OS vulnerabilities,
  • Recovering SSL encrypted activities,
  • User impersonation strategies,
  • Malicious log modification

CCI Can Help

CCI’s IT Security training in Dallas can help you achieve your dream of working in IT security. The school is committed to helping you get your cybersecurity certification in the Dallas and Arlington locations.

As a career education center, CCI provides hands-on training and learning experience leading to preparation for a new career. Students are guided every step of the way to complete the program and prepare to sit for industry certifications. The flexible on- campus (after COVID-19) and online program delivers knowledge and hands-on training. This is all based on 35 years of history in the Dallas Fort Worth region.

During the COVID-19 period students attend lectures online, complete labs, assignments, and simulations online under the supervision of your instructors. Instructors are available to assist remote as needed. Upon graduation the Career Services department will assist you in a step-by-step manner to prepare, seek, and secure employment.

Students may retake classes at no additional tuition fee. All alumni benefit from life-long career assistance at no additional cost.


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