Cloud Technology Administration in Dallas and Arlington, Texas

Cloud Technology Administration is an IT certification program option that puts students on the path toward great paying jobs in the IT cloud career field. According to a CompTIA report, Dallas-area companies’ need for skilled applicants far outpaces the number of local candidates with the right IT industry certificates and experience.

You don’t need an advanced degree to qualify for an entry-level IT position. CCI Training Center’s Cloud Technology Administration program let students choose from one of the three specialization tracks to prepare for cloud-related certification exams that demonstrate their skills and knowledge in cloud computing. And, you can complete your IT certification classes in just a few months, a fraction of the time it would take to complete a traditional degree program.

These cloud certifications tell potential employers that you are fully prepared to start performing your job immediately, once hired. That means the company will spend less time and money on training, which is a win for both you and them.



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Cloud Technology in Both Arlington and Dallas Campuses

How Cloud Computing Will Change the Industry

Cloud Technology career education training offers options to job seekers that complement the current in-demand employment opportunities in this field. In addition to foundational courses for people without industry experience, each track includes at least one certification prep course and practice exam.

On the other hand, for people who already have industry experience but want to expand their IT skills, CCI Training Center’s career counselors can waive some prerequisites, allowing students to get certified quicker or start their path toward more responsibility in a current job or compete for a promotion.

The Cloud Technology tracks provide more than essential cloud skills and knowledge, they can also provide a new beginning for professionals interested in starting a career in this fast-growing, high-demand IT field.

Career Education in Cloud Technology on Your Terms

The best time to start training for your new IT career is now! CCI Training Center programs start continuously so you can join as your schedule permits. In addition, you can complete your schoolwork from home but you’re not alone, as a CCI Training Center student you get support from professional instructors, peers and career counselors every step of the way.

Employers are hiring skilled IT workers now, and CCI has an efficient, cost effective plan to get you from goals to accomplishments in just a few short months. Each program track presents opportunities for gaining specific Cloud Technology skills and certifications such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google.

Contact a career counselor today and get started on the path to better pay and advancement opportunities in the Dallas, Texas or Arlington, Texas areas.


CCI Job Training & Career Development

CCI job training and career development programs in Dallas and Arlington help students qualify for a myriad of jobs from entry level (beginners) to upper management (experienced). The Cloud Technology Administration program offers three certification tracks for people who are interested in cloud computing and cloud management.

The three tracks focus on one of three main certification paths, Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google. Not sure which track is best for you? A CCI training coordinator can help you evaluate your program path options against your long-term career goals.

All candidates may apply at no charge. Upon submission of the application, you may schedule a consultation session with the financial aid department to help determine the financial aid options for which you may qualify.


Track I provides IT training in cloud tech basics and Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals – everything you need to step into an entry-level IT job working with the Azure platform in both the Dallas and Arlington areas.


Track II focuses on what you need to know to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. Plus, you’ll gain practical experience exploring topics such as cloud security and cloud essentials, so you’ll be prepared for a new career in the IT Cloud Technology industry.

TRACK III (Google Cloud) 

Track III coursework prepares students for two certification exams: Google Workspace and the Associate Google Cloud Engineer. Your instructors provide ample opportunities to test your new skills with practical, hands-on activities.

Upon completion of Track III, you’ll have the confidence that you can navigate Google Cloud and meet the requirements of a potential employer.


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