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Job Search Assistance in Arlington & Dallas, TX

Student Assistance Services

CCI Training Center offers counseling and employment assistance services to students in need of special assistance or part time employment while attending school.

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    Career Assessment

    Pre-enrollment and post-graduation career assessment and guidance is provided by placement assistance staff, school instructors, and/or program managers.

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      Job Fairs

      CCI Training Center provides opportunities to students and graduates: advising on available job fairs, assisting in resume preparation, and in meeting with potential employers.


      Many programs include externships providing additional experience with a local employer. Some students are hired by the employer they train with.


      CCI Training Center may have opportunities for students to work and learn while attending school. Upon request, the placement assistance office can attempt to arrange non-paying internships related to your program of study. Such internships are not part of the program of study.

      Networking Opportunities

      The Student Assistance Services office prepares various networking opportunities where students may meet alumni, industry members, potential employers, and local community leaders.

      Resume Assistance

      Students and graduates are assisted in the revision of current resume or the design of new resume.

      Interviewing Assistance

      The Professional Development class includes a mock interview session in preparing the student for graduation and employment.

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        Post – Employment

        Job Skills Support Graduates are supported with technical consultation and on-the-job problem solving consultation by instructors and counselors.

        Lifelong Employment Assistance

        Graduates of CCI Training Center will always have the opportunity to contact the school for continued employment assistance years and years after graduation.

        Employer Testimonials

        • "I can always rely on CCI to send professional and qualified candidates for my clients' entry level openings. All of the candidates continue to do a phenomenal job in their roles and I have CCI to thank!"

          Jessica V. (Recruiter) The CSI Companies

        • "Great News!!! John got an offer today without even having to interview! He starts on Monday! I am in your debt (as usual) and grateful for your assistance…as well happy we were able to help a recent graduate of yours! Have a fantastic remainder of the week and let's hope we continue the hiring trend through 2012!"

          Don S. (Senior Technical Recruiter) Volt Technical Resources

        • "Thank you so much for all of your help and support! Dynamic Staffing appreciates you sending us such amazing, qualified candidates. We were recently able to place one of your new certified technicians at a local mall order pharmacy that seemed like a perfect fit. I especially love to help out candidates during their transition period from graduation to their first position in their chosen career fields, it is incredibly rewarding to watch them succeed. You have been wonderful at following up with anything thrown your way and you are always willing to put us in touch with some of our best fit candidates. Thanks again for everything you do!"

          Sara T. (Business Healthcare Recruiter) Dynamic Global Staffing

        Candidates are encouraged to visit the campus and request to meet with staff in the Career Services Department. Assistance is provided to students interested in seeking part time employment while enrolled in a program. All qualified graduates benefit from these career assistance services

        Contact CCI

        Do you have questions for our Career Services Department? Email or call one of our campuses today! DALLAS: (972) 846-8796 | ARLINGTON: (817) 668-3556

        Our Locations

        We have two convenient campus locations in the Texas area.

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