Top Career Paths in Dallas Fort Worth


Top Career Paths in Dallas Fort Worth

For many people, completing a Business and Accounting program with CCI Training is the first step toward financial freedom and an exciting career. You are ready to get out into the world and make your mark. But at the same time, you may not know where to start.

There’s good news. The Dallas jobs market is booming, far outpacing the national growth patterns. The DFW Metroplex ranks third in the nation for growth and opportunity. The future looks bright for the foreseeable future.

Expanding Dallas-Fort Worth Job Opportunities

According to the August, 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Dallas-Fort Worth Area Employment Report, non-farm employees number 3,726,000, an increase of almost 15,000 workers compared to August 2017.

This year saw increases in primary industry sectors and sub-sectors. The BLS report reveals that the Dallas-Plano-Irving division experienced a higher net increase than the Fort Worth-Arlington division.

The following list shows the total number of jobs in key sectors created during the twelve month period between August 2017 and August 2018.

 · Food & Beverage – 12,500

· Manufacturing – 7,000

· Utilities, warehousing and utilities – 5,800

· Government – 9,400

· Mining, logging and construction – 12,000

· Financial services – 3,300

· Wholesale trade – 4.500

· Other services/activities – 5,000

· Education and health – 14,000

· Retail – 1,800


Dallas-Fort Worth job opportunities include specialization in business process management, inventory control and warehouse supervisory roles. CCI Training graduates with MOS and Excel career development coursework have the skills and knowledge to move into office and administrative support positions in these sectors.


Area and Industry                                                                                       Aug.          June          July          Aug.                       Aug.    2017 to

                                                                                                                              2017         2018        2018       2018                      Aug.    2018(p)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Net Change   % Change

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX

Total nonfarm 3                                                                                         601.1       3720.4     3704.4    3716                         114.9        3.2

Mining, logging, and construction                                                  216.4         229.6         230.7      232.2                        15.8         7.3

Manufacturing                                                                                           272.5         278.2        278.3       279.5                           7             2.6

Trade, transportation, and utilities                                                774.6         783.7        785          786.7                        12.1          1.6

Information                                                                                                    83.6            84.2          84.5          83.8                           0.2          0.2

Financial activities                                                                                  297.3          299.7      299.1       300.6                           3.3          1.1

Professional and business services                                              595.5          615.9       616.3       627.3                        31.8          5.3

Education and health services                                                        443.1          459.8       457.6       457.1                         14             3.2

Leisure and hospitality                                                                         381             400.1       400.9        397.3                        16.3         4.3

Other services                                                                                          123.3         128.8        130.4       128.3                           5              4.1

Government                                                                                              413.8          440.4        421.6       423.2                          9.4          2.3

According to a Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas survey of manufacturing and services firms in Texas, “[A]s companies adopt new technologies, the number of workers is little changed though the employees’ skill levels shift.”

Updating skills and adding new ones with business and management continuing education, helps workers move up the internal ladder when you love where you’re working, but are ready for more responsibility, and higher wages.

Dallas Wages & Opportunities


Dallas Wages & OpportunitiesAccording to PayScale, the average hourly wage in Dallas is approximately $28/hr, based on 2018 second quarter reporting. The most popular jobs are in healthcare, IT and finance, although most industry sectors are actively growing.

Southwest Airlines, telecom giant AT&T, and Texas Instruments, Inc. continue to make it to the top of the preferred employer list for people who want a good job, with excellent benefits in the DFW area.

Employers seeking qualified applicants for management positions often look for well-trained supporting staff. Salaries vary widely, depending on the company, the location and the responsibilities.

For example, reports the average salary for payroll clerks in Dallas is $16.15, plus benefits. While, GlassDoor reports: Salaried assistant retail store managers earn $35,000 – $80,000+, and hourly fast service assistant managers earn $9 – $15 per hour.



More possible career paths for DFW area students and recent graduates include:

· Administrative assistants earn 12% above the national average at $43,020

· Marketing and sales managers earn slightly less than the national average, $66,931 annually

· Public relations managers earn $67,870 per year

· Cost accounting assistants earn slightly above the national average, $69,070

· Accounting clerk salaries average $38,500 yearly

· Inventory managers on average earn a base wage of $66,004

The best career paths in Dallas, Texas aren’t limited to the ones detailed above. We’ve only scratched the surface of potential career choices for people who update their office skills. CCI Training also offers a full range of computer and network administrator courses and medical and healthcare programs to expand your skill set.

Our focus is helping you prepare for the best job opportunities in the Dallas area with on-campus and online classes that give you the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Review our programs, then contact us to schedule a career assessment.