How to Become a Computer Support Technician

Computer support technicians help companies, organizations, and customers solve problems related to hardware, software, and networking. Technology plays an immeasurably valuable role in today’s economy, and slow, faulty, or unresponsive equipment or programs can cost significant time and money. Computer support technicians can enter their job knowing they will play a crucial role in operations.

Some of the duties of a computer technician include:

  • Install, configure, and upgrade hardware, software, and other computer components
  • Troubleshoot a variety of computer-related issues
  • Perform maintenance to extend the life of older equipment
  • Apply software patches
  • Configure local and broad networks, set security passcodes, and connect compatible equipment
  • Installing printers, printer drivers, and maintaining connection fidelity
  • Set up other hardware and software as necessary

Now that you know the tasks computer support technicians must perform on the job, it’s time to get on the fast track to a rewarding career in computers.

Obtaining a Computer Certification

While the computer support industry is open to anyone with extensive knowledge and skills, obtaining a specialized certificate makes you a much stronger candidate for employment.

As a proud partner of Cisco Systems, Inc. and CompTIA, CCI Training Center offers fast computer certification programs to help students start a lucrative career quickly. The IT Training & Computer Network Program teaches the essentials of software and hardware installation and configuration, operating system management, and server visualization. Get hands-on experience with Microsoft training, CCNA training, and even earn prestigious certifications such as CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+. Students will practice their skills in an interactive lab setting and gain experience managing motherboards, monitors, routers, servers, switches, and software. The lab sessions provide a realistic simulation of on-the-job duties. Earning a certification is an ideal move for those looking to start a new career, change jobs, or earn a larger salary.

Broaden your computer horizons with rigorous training in:

  • Computer and network administration
  • Private cloud configuration and management
  • Switches, routers, and other network components
  • Computer support
  • Microsoft and Windows-specific topics
  • Certifications including Cisco, CompTIA+, Network+, and Security+

After completing a computer certification program, students can register to take the certification exam they desire. Each exam tests specialized areas of knowledge, all of which are covered in CCI Training Center’s comprehensive courses. Earning a certification gives students a competitive edge in the job market.

Even if you choose not to earn a certification, completing any of the advanced computer courses at CCI Training Center improves your prospects of landing a job in the field or starting your own computer support business.

Employment Opportunities

After completing a computer training program at CCI Training Center, students can pursue a variety of careers working with computer and network technology. They may work in house as Computer Support Specialists for large corporations, or as remote Help Desk Technicians troubleshooting computer-related issues for the company and customers. They can work solely with network configuration as a Network Support Specialist, or provide broad troubleshooting as a Technical Support Specialist. Computer support technicians are highly sought after by small businesses, private clients, multinational corporations, and government organizations.

Enroll in a Computer Training Program Today

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