Quality Assurance Supervisor

For over 34 years, the experts of CCI Career Training Center have been preparing thousands of adults for new careers or assisting them in enhancing their current careers. Our accelerated career training programs help students move quickly into rewarding professions. We are an accredited post-secondary career institute with small-business mentality. Our locations include Arlington and Dallas, Texas.

Currently we are interviewing to fill a full time salaried position as information technology quality assurance supervisor in our Dallas, Texas location.

Position Title: Quality Assurance Supervisor

We are looking for a dedicated professional with experience in task management, employee supervision, project supervision, quality assurance, etc. plus knowledge of the information technology fields including computer support, desktop support and network support.

This is not necessarily an IT position but the more you know about the IT subjects the better. You will work with the senior managers to ensure the quality of services we deliver. Daily responsibilities include watching activities of our instructors and students online and in the classroom ensuring compliance with our service delivery standards, conduct online research to better understand our industry and help improve our products, work with our adult students and alumni ensuring delivery of career services to our graduates, maintain contact with the local employer community to advance the cause and the mission of the business.

Position Type: Permanent

Compensation: Salaried

Location: Dallas, TX

Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate is detail oriented, has good people skills, presentation skills, enjoys interacting with the public, and can meet deadlines. Knowledge of IT fields including desktop support, network support is required. Technical skills, industry certifications, training/mentoring experience is desired but not required.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Supervise the proper delivery of our programs online and in the classrooms;
  • Work with instructors assuring daily compliance with our standards;
  • Work with our students and alumni to ensure timely delivery of services;
  • Conduct online research on topics related to our programs;
  • Provide weekly status reports to the senior manager;
  • Provide support to the senior management in program improvements.
  • Continuously work with other staff to communicate and coordinate your efforts;
  • Provide remote support to students and instructors as required;
  • Observe all policies & procedures established by CCI.

Minimum Qualifications and Skills

  • Minimum five years’ experience in task/project management;
  • Supervisory experience;
  • Relevant knowledge of the IT programs we offer;
  • Instructor experience is desired but not required;
  • Must be highly computer literate.


  • Paid vacation
  • Paid Holiday
  • Sick Pay
  • Major Health Insurance Plan