Announcing CCI Training’s Online Accounting Course For Personal Growth & Professional Development

Announcing CCI Training's Online Accounting Course For Personal Growth & Professional Development

CCI Training Center continues to make continuing education easier and more convenient for non-traditional students. In keeping with this policy, we’re proud to announce our popular Business & Accounting program is expanding. Beginning in January 2019, in addition to taking these courses at either our Arlington or Dallas campus locations, our students will have 24/7 access to online classes within this concentration. The program also includes office assistant career preparations and administrative assistance career preparations.

Advantages of Taking 100 Percent Online Accounting Classes

Accounting is a rewarding career, but not everyone who needs basic accounting skills plans to become a CPA or financial specialist. CCI Training 100 percent online accounting courses cover important accounting topics for people who want to expand their knowledge base to qualify for a promotion, launch a new business or change career fields. The same advantages apply in taking office assistant courses.

Benefits For Students

Asynchronous coursework accommodates busy lifestyles. Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, online professional development allows you to access lessons and lectures when you’re focused and alert, resulting in higher comprehension and retention. People who work schedule study time around work hours, without sacrificing precious time with family, church or volunteer activities.

Plus, you’ll still have access to skilled instructors, tutors and a full range of student resources to support you through every step of the journey.

Benefits For Employers

Forward thinking business leaders see professional development as a win-win for the student-worker and the organization.

Employers today not only encourage workers to use online learning tools to prepare for future roles within their organizations, some willingly reimburse students for the cost of coursework that improves competencies. Why? Because, course completion provides a measurable component that allows HR personnel to effectively match competencies with job requirements. And, every employer know that a confident employee is happier and performs better than one who feels stressed and overwhelmed in a position they aren’t qualified for.

Business leaders find that encouraging when staff take advantage of online business and accounting classes through vocational training schools which improves employee retention rates, while reducing in-house training expenses.

Saving money is always a bonus for decision-makers, especially when budgets are tight. So, supporting online learning opportunities for workers makes perfect sense. Web-based programs eliminate the costly investment that comes with traditional employer-sponsored workshops. Saving money on trainers, employee commuting expenses, classroom and infrastructure rentals and supplies can be allocated to other business expenses.

Accounting Coursework Snapshot

Accounting courses give students an overview of the ethical, legal and social values in the business world. Along with a core understanding of basic accounting functions and activities, online course participants also learn valuable communication techniques, critical thinking strategies and how to use QuickBooks and Excel features for accounting and reporting activities.

Skills Gained With the CCI Training Online Business & Accounting Program

Business & accounting is not like balancing a personal checkbook. Yes, you add and subtract as money comes in or goes out of your bank accounts, but you also must document these transactions properly to assure you pay the correct amount of tax, report profit and loss to investors and owners, and process payroll accurately.

By the end of the program, students will have the skills to . . .

  • Identify liabilities and assets
  • Assist in generating financial statements used for budgeting, forecasting and monitoring cash flow
  • Track inventory and calculate cost per sale using spreadsheets and business software
  • Prepare payroll for small companies
  • Determine which purchases qualify as capital investments and which are categorized as operating expenses
  • Advance into an accounts payable or accounts receivable clerk position
  • Quickly spot customer spending trends
  • Service loans and other credit vehicles
  • Calculate simple and compound interest
  • Understand the subtle differences between employees, contractors and outside vendors
  • Perform other basic accounting functions within your chosen specialty

As a student enrolled in our online Business & Accounting program, you’ll have access to the same superior support network our Arlington and Dallas campus students enjoy. Whether you are taking accelerated accounting courses to prepare for an annual review or as the first steps on your way to a four-year accounting degree, web-based learning is an affordable, flexible solution to help you achieve your goals.

The variety of topics covered in this program can personalize your experience based on your career goals. Get started by contacting an admissions counselor today.