There Is and Will Continue to Be a Shortage of Cloud Computing Experts

It consultant work in datacenterThe cloud has been grown exponentially for the past several years. That would indicate that there are probably jobs available in cloud computing, but is that true? Companies are struggling to fill the expected seven million jobs in cloud computing by 2015. Why are they having such a hard time filling those positions? Can’t other people with jobs in the tech sector step into these jobs?

The reality is that more training is needed for nearly everyone who currently has a tech job and might be interested in filling a need in the development and growth of cloud computing. Cloud technologies require new and different skills than those with current jobs in technology. More training is needed for those who want to change their professional focus, and those who are ready to begin a career also need to ensure they have the necessary training to step into a cloud technology career.

These new skills mean that there is a current staffing shortage for businesses that need people who understand how to work on cloud computing. To complicate matters somewhat, there is no one size for every cloud computing job. There are specific kinds of training and certification for different jobs. Some jobs may be to develop and create software to facilitate storing information on the cloud, and there may be other people who need to oversee data migration from one source of data to being stored on the cloud. Of course, there will also be an increased desire to have experts to protect information stored on the cloud.

So why is there going to be a continuing need for cloud computing experts, beyond those positions currently open? It is believed that over the next several years, most new startups will use the cloud in their infrastructure, and most may need their own IT person who can create, manage, and protect information the business stores in the cloud. In a 2014 survey published in the Rise of the Citizen Developer blog, interviewed over 600 IT personnel managers and they said that nearly all growth in the future, as it relates to IT, will be in the area of cloud computing.

Those personnel managers are going to look for people who know how to understand and implement virtualization, create platform architecture, write deployment, monitor and manage scripts, and make it all work efficiently for whatever particular company that IT person works for. That means millions of people need to be trained for jobs that don’t yet exist. But they will.

There isn’t only a shortage in people who can manage the cloud and all of its particular nuances, but those doing the hiring don’t necessarily know where to trained candidates to take those jobs. It is expected that the need will increase by 26% by 2015 alone. Some companies are undergoing a certain amount of training on their own to ensure the workforce will be present to manage their cloud needs. This is no long-term solution to what will be a long-term problem.

Young people getting ready to start training for a career, or those who may be ready to transition from one career to the next may want to consider training to be a cloud computing expert. The jobs are there right now, and it appears they will continue to be there for the foreseeable future.